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TVT / TVT-O Continence Surgery

TVT / TVT-O Continence Surgery - Symptoms

TVT / TVT-O Continence Surgery - How to prevent?

TVT / TVT-O Continence Surgery - Causes and Risk Factors

TVT / TVT-O Continence Surgery - Diagnosis

TVT / TVT-O Continence Surgery - Treatments

TVT / TVT-O Continence Surgery - Preparing for surgery

What You Need To Do Prior To Surgery

  1. Blood tests, heart tracing (ECG) and chest X-ray may be done to ensure that you are in optimal health.
  2. You may be given oral or vaginal oestrogen (hormone) if you are near or already menopausal. It is important to comply with this medication as it thickens your vaginal tissues for easy surgery and faster healing.
  3. All your medications and medical conditions, if any, must be made known to the doctor and must be optimally controlled.
  4. If you are on aspirin, please let us know. You have to stop taking it a week prior to the surgery.
  5. You will not be allowed to eat or drink after midnight on the day before surgery.
  6. You may be admitted on the same morning of surgery or a day before surgery.
  7. You will be given preparation to clear your bowels and have the pubic area shaved.

What You Can Expect In The Operating Theatre

The TVT / TVT-O continence surgery is usually done under regional or general anaesthesia (i.e. where you will be asleep throughout the operation). You may discuss it with the anaesthetist.

The TVT operation involves two small incisions of 0.5 cm each on your lower abdomen below your pubic hairline and a 1.5 cm incision on your anterior vaginal skin. The TVT tape is inserted below your urethra into the abdominal wound. The operation takes about 15 minutes. At the end of the surgery, a urinary catheter may be inserted into your bladder to allow free urine flow. A vaginal pack may be inserted as well.

The TVT-O tape is inserted through the same 1.5 cm anterior vaginal wall incision; but has two 0.5 cm incisions in the groin area instead.

TVT / TVT-O Continence Surgery - Other Information

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