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Tooth Extractions for Children

Tooth Extractions for Children - What it is

​Tooth extraction is the removal of tooth. Some possible reasons for extractions are that the tooth is non-restorable, has severe tooth decay, has a dental abscess, is over-retained or is an extra tooth.

Tooth Extractions for Children - Symptoms

Tooth Extractions for Children - How to prevent?

Tooth Extractions for Children - Causes and Risk Factors

Tooth Extractions for Children - Diagnosis

Tooth Extractions for Children - Treatments

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What does it involve?

Local anaesthesia is given to make your child more comfortable and prevent him or her from feeling pain during extraction. When local anaesthesia wears off, your child will start to feel normal sensations again, including pain.

Inform your doctor if your child has an allergy, is known to have disorders, taking drugs or has any medical conditions

Tooth Extractions for Children - Preparing for surgery

How can I prepare my child for extractions?

You should avoid scheduling treatment during your child's usual nap time as this may affect their behaviour in the clinic. When communicating with your child in the dental clinic, or in preparation for his or her treatment, you should avoid using words or phrases that may induce fear. Some examples include "injection", "needles", "pain" and "pull or pluck teeth".

Tooth Extractions for Children - Post-surgery care

What are the probable outcomes of tooth extraction?

​Bleeding from the tooth socket is expected to stop within one day. Your child may experience mild pain after the local anaesthesia effect wears off. The socket wound should heal and close up in four to six weeks time.

Tooth Extractions for Children - Other Information

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