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Squints (Strabismus)

Squints (Strabismus) - Post-surgery care

  1. The eyes may or may not be padded after the surgery. If padded, it may be left for a few hours after the operation.
  2. There may be blood in the tears and the eyes may be crusted together in the mornings after waking up for a few days post-operation.
  3. Eye redness may last for a few weeks after the procedure.
  4. Eye pain or discomfort (e.g. a prickly, irritated sensation) is expected for a few days so the patient is advised to take oral painkillers if required.
  5. Double vision may be experienced in the first few weeks, this should improve in most cases.
  6. Eye drops containing an antibiotic and anti-inflammatory agent will need to be instilled a few weeks after the operation.
  7. Avoid swimming and strenuous physical activity for at least four weeks after the operation.
  8. Follow-up clinic visits will be arranged after the operation where eye alignment, vision and eye pressure will be assessed.  

After strabismus surgery is completed, the improved eye alignment may remain stable or continue to change over time. If the eye alignment is not ideal, or double vision persists, or late drift of the eyes occur, future surgery may be required.

Squints (Strabismus) - Other Information

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