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Skin Cancer

Skin Cancer - Symptoms

Many patients first consult a doctor because of a lump or mass on the trunk, leg, or arm. The lump may or may not be painful.  Melanomas are usually self-detected. This means the patients or their close relatives usually notice a mole on their body which has appeared in the recent few weeks, or is irregular in shape and colour, increasing in size or bleeds easily. The acral type melanomas can appear as a black/brown spot under the nail or on the soles of the foot and palms of the hand. 
When advanced, skin cancer can involve the underlying deeper layers and result in destruction of surrounding issues. It can also spread to regional lymph nodes and distantly to involve other organs. At this stage, skin cancer cannot be cured by simply removing the affected mole, and may require more extensive surgery, or even additional treatment like chemotherapy, radiation and immunotherapy to achieve control.
The cancer is diagnosed when biopsy (removal of piece of tissue) of a lump on the arm, leg or trunk is examined under a microscope by the pathologist (doctor who specializes in examining tissues and cells). 

Skin Cancer - Preparing for surgery

Skin Cancer - Post-surgery care

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