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Sinusitis - How to prevent?

Sinusitis - Causes and Risk Factors

Viruses are the most common cause of sinusitis and these infections usually resolve fairly quickly with just symptomatic treatment.

Bacterial sinusitis usually has a longer duration of symptoms and may be treated with oral antibiotics.

Fungal sinusitis is the least common of the three and usually occurs in those with a weakened immune system. Some pre-existing conditions may make an individual more likely to suffer from sinusitis, these include anatomical abnormalities of the nose, uncontrolled allergic rhinitis, and those with depressed immunity and some tooth infections.

Complications of sinusitis

Occasionally, complications may arise from untreated sinusitis. This occurs when the infection spreads. These complications include meningitis, infections to the eye and worsening of pre-existing asthma.

Sinusitis - Preparing for surgery

Sinusitis - Post-surgery care

Sinusitis - Other Information

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