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Peritoneal based Malignancies

Peritoneal based Malignancies - How to prevent?

Peritoneal based Malignancies - Causes and Risk Factors

Peritoneal based Malignancies - Preparing for surgery

Upon confirmation of surgery, a date will be scheduled for surgery and you may need to go through some of the following.

  • Preoperative investigations including blood tests, electrocardiogram (ECG) and x-rays and CT scans may be performed.

  • Anaesthesia review. The anaesthetist will ensure that you are fit enough for surgery under general anaesthesia.  They will review the investigation results that have been done for you and refer you to medical specialists if required. They will discuss the type of anaesthesia as well as the methods for pain management post operatively.

  • You may be given vaccination to prevent severe infections in the event that removal of your spleen is indicated during surgery.

  • The day prior to the surgery, you may be required to take bowel preparation if there is a possibility of the bowel being resected.

  • You will also be given an injection of blood thinner which will help to prevent blood clots in the leg.
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