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Per Rectal Bleeding

Per Rectal Bleeding - Symptoms

Per Rectal Bleeding - How to prevent?

Per Rectal Bleeding - Diagnosis

What tests should I go for?

All patients showing symptoms of per rectal bleeding should ideally undergo a colonoscopy for evaluation of the large intestines. This is in addition to a digital rectal examination and a direct visualisation of the lower rectum and anus with a proctoscope that your doctor can perform in the outpatient clinic.

A colonoscopy involves inserting an optical endoscope via the anus into the large intestines to inspect the inner lining of the colon for any of the conditions mentioned earlier. It may be done under sedation and is a relatively safe procedure. Pre-endoscopic preparation with bowel cleansing medications is required.

Alternative investigations include computed tomography (CT) colonography or a CT mesenteric angiography in cases of massive bleeding.

The best modality of investigation should be discussed with your doctor.

Per Rectal Bleeding - Preparing for surgery

Per Rectal Bleeding - Post-surgery care

Per Rectal Bleeding - Other Information

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