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Penis Abnormality (Hypospadias)

Penis Abnormality (Hypospadias) - Symptoms

Penis Abnormality (Hypospadias) - How to prevent?

Penis Abnormality (Hypospadias) - Diagnosis

​Hypospadias, in most cases, is obvious at birth and is diagnosed upon a physical examination.

Some of the mild cases may be missed. Other symptoms include abnormal spraying of urine and having to sit down to pass urine. Left untreated, hypospadias can lead to difficulty with toilet training, and problems with sexual intercourse as an adult. When diagnosed with hypospadias, the baby will be referred to a paediatric surgeon.

Penis Abnormality (Hypospadias) - Preparing for surgery

Penis Abnormality (Hypospadias) - Post-surgery care

Penis Abnormality (Hypospadias) - Other Information

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