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Pain Disorders Surgery

Pain Disorders Surgery - Symptoms

Pain Disorders Surgery - How to prevent?

Pain Disorders Surgery - Causes and Risk Factors


Pain serves as a protective mechanism by warning us that something is not right with our bodies and prompts us to stay away from harm. Acute pain lasts for only a short duration. However, chronic pain occurs when this protective mechanism converts this normal warning sign into an unpleasant and intolerable disease.

Chronic pain can range from mild to severe, episodic or constant, merely inconvenient or completely incapacitating. Although the cause is not completely understood, in chronic pain, signals of pain remain active in the nervous system for weeks, months, or even years. This can result in physical and emotional stress on a person.

Pain Disorders Surgery - Diagnosis

Pain Disorders Surgery - Preparing for surgery

Pain Disorders Surgery - Post-surgery care

Pain Disorders Surgery - Other Information

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