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myringoplasty - Symptoms

myringoplasty - How to prevent?

myringoplasty - Causes and Risk Factors

myringoplasty - Diagnosis

myringoplasty - Post-surgery care

Mastoid dressing

There will sometimes be a bandage dressing placed around the head to apply local pressure to the wound and it will be removed by the surgical team on the following day. 

Ear packing

Sponge like material placed into the ear canal during the surgery. As such, you will not be able to hear well from the operated ear for about 2 weeks until the ear packing is removed for you in clinic. There will be stitches placed behind the operated ear OR near the opening of the ear canal. A follow-up appointment is made 1 week after surgery during which the sutures are removed. 

The ear should be kept strictly dry in the meantime to prevent infection. Antibiotic eardrops should be applied regularly as prescribed by your surgeon. A cotton ball may be used to prevent fluid from leaking out of the ear and can be changed regularly when stained, or when applying eardrops. Deeper packing within the ear canal SHOULD NOT be tampered with. 

Avoid air travel until advised by your surgeon. During the initial month after surgery, avoid popping your ears, nose blowing, or pinching your nose when you sneeze as this may affect your eardrum repair.

myringoplasty - Other Information

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