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Muscle Diseases

Muscle Diseases - How to prevent?

Muscle Diseases - Causes and Risk Factors

Muscle Diseases - Diagnosis

The NNI provides a comprehensive and specialised service for the diagnosis and care of muscle diseases. Medical consultations are offered at the Neuromuscular Clinics, which are staffed by neurologists with special expertise in muscle diseases. The Neurodiagnostic Laboratory conducts electromyography and nerve conduction studies, useful tests that examine electrical signals derived from muscle and nerve.

The Neuromuscular Laboratory provides muscle histology studies, which are often essential for the specific diagnosis of muscle diseases. For these studies, a small sample of muscle is first obtained, usually under local anaesthesia. The sample is then cut into thin sections and stained with a battery of stains for examination and analysis. Techniques used include histochemistry, immunohistochemistry and electron microscopy. Gene tests for several inherited muscle diseases will soon be available following the setting up of the Neurogenetics Laboratory.

Muscle Diseases - Preparing for surgery

Muscle Diseases - Post-surgery care

Muscle Diseases - Other Information

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