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Multiple Myeloma

Multiple Myeloma: What is it, Diagnosis, Treatment | Singapore General Hospital

Multiple Myeloma - Symptoms

Multiple Myeloma - How to prevent?

Multiple Myeloma - Causes and Risk Factors

Multiple Myeloma - Treatments

Therapy in elderly patients is usually reserved for patients with symptomatic disease, or for those who may be asymptomatic, but have features suggesting that they may progress and develop complications over a short period of time.

Melphalan combined with prednisolone remains the standard therapy choice for most patients. Younger patients may be able to tolerate and benefit from stronger chemotherapy and other options like bone marrow transplantation. Radiotherapy is useful in relieving destructive bone disease. Other agents like bisphosphonates have been found to be helpful in controlling the bone pain and high calcium levels associated with the disease but should be employed with caution in kidney problems and adequate fluid intake should be ensured.

For more information on Multiple Myeloma treatment, please visit the Dept of Haematology at Singapore General Hospital (SGH).

Multiple Myeloma - Preparing for surgery

Multiple Myeloma - Post-surgery care

Multiple Myeloma - Other Information

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