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Motor Neuron Disease

Motor Neuron Disease - Symptoms

​At the start, MND usually affects the muscles in one of the following body parts causing the following symptoms:

  • Arms and/or hands – arm weakness, difficulty getting dressed, holding objects and with fine motor skills such as feeding, writing and buttoning shirts, pressing lift buttons, maintaining personal hygiene
  • Ankles and/or legs – foot dragging, tripping up and falling
  • Breathing – breathlessness during light exertion such as speaking, poor sleep quality
  • Throat and tongue – slurred speech, drooling, swallowing difficulties, choking

Over time, more of these body parts are affected. This can occur in any order and by the advanced stage of MND, all of them are affected, causing severe physical disabilities.

Sensory nerves which control sight, hearing, taste, touch and smell are not affected.

Although some persons with MND may describe some brain ‘fogginess’ or suffer dementia, around half of persons with MND continue to think clearly and are fully aware of what is going on throughout their illness.

Motor Neuron Disease - Causes and Risk Factors

Motor Neuron Disease - Preparing for surgery

Motor Neuron Disease - Post-surgery care

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