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Major Depressive Disorder

Major Depressive Disorder - Treatments

There are many ways to treat depression such as medications, psychological therapy and social assistance. Medications, known as antidepressants, are effective and will usually improve the condition in a few weeks. Patients will need to continue taking the medications for several months. These medications are not addictive and side effects are few. They are often prescribed by family doctors in private GP clinics and polyclinic.

Therapy is administered either by a psychologist or a psychiatrist and it is more suitable for milder cases. Each session of therapy will last around 45 minutes and patients will need to go for several sessions before they see improvements.

The doctors will also try to work with the patient to address the stressful situation that triggered the depression. For example, if it was sparked off by relationship problems with the spouse, they may refer the couple to see a counsellor. If it was triggered by financial difficulties, the patient may be linked up with welfare services in the community. In the end, the type of treatment provided is highly personalised depending on each individual’s condition and needs.

Major Depressive Disorder - Preparing for surgery

Major Depressive Disorder - Post-surgery care

Major Depressive Disorder - Other Information

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