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Lymphoma - How to prevent?

Lymphoma - Preparing for surgery

Lymphoma - Post-surgery care

Lymphoma - Other Information

Is Lymphoma contagious?

There is no evidence that lymphoma can spread to another person by close contact as it is not a virus or bacteria. It is a collection of cells in the body that has become cancerous.

Why do some lymphomas need to be treated straight away while other lymphomas do not need treatment?

The fast-growing, high grade or aggressive lymphomas can increase in size and sometimes spread over days or weeks, and cause the patient to become very sick. These lymphomas need to be treated within a short period of time to get the disease under control. The slower growing lymphoma may take months or years to grow and may sometimes even disappear without any treatment. They may cause disturbing symptoms to the patient eventually and this is when treatment is started.

Leukemia & Lymphoma Society (LLS)
American Cancer Society
American Cancer Society
Cancer Information Service (National Cancer Institute, USA)

For further enquiries on lymphoma, please call the Cancer Helpline at (65) 6225 5655 or email to
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