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Kidney Swelling (Hydronephrosis)

Kidney Swelling (Hydronephrosis) - How to prevent?

Kidney Swelling (Hydronephrosis) - Treatments

Babies with hydronephrosis need kidney ultrasounds and kidney function scans. Sometimes the babies (and the kidney) improve with time without surgery. Generally, a few investigations will be needed over time before it can be known if any operation is required.

Treatment for hydronephrosis depends on the underlying cause; for children diagnosed with PUJO, an operation called a pyeloplasty will be needed if the hydronephrosis causes back pressure on the kidney. This is a major operation, but most often has a very high cure rate and a low chance of any complications.

Treatment for hydronephrosis, kidney swelling

Kidney Swelling (Hydronephrosis) - Preparing for surgery

Kidney Swelling (Hydronephrosis) - Post-surgery care

Kidney Swelling (Hydronephrosis) - Other Information

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