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Kidney Swelling (Hydronephrosis)

Kidney Swelling (Hydronephrosis) - What it is

Hydro = Water
Nephros = Kidney

Kidney Swelling Hydronephrosis Condition and Treatment

Hydronephrosis is the distention or swelling of the kidney as urine builds up in the kidney. This is due to a partial or complete obstruction of the flow of urine at the upper end of the ureter or tube that brings the urine from the kidney to the bladder. Hydronephrosis can sometimes develop in children; however, most often babies are born with the condition. It is one of the common abnormalities of the urinary tract. ​

Kidney Swelling (Hydronephrosis) - How to prevent?

Kidney Swelling (Hydronephrosis) - Preparing for surgery

Kidney Swelling (Hydronephrosis) - Post-surgery care

Kidney Swelling (Hydronephrosis) - Other Information

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