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Jaw Joint (Temporomandibular Joint) Surgery

Jaw Joint (Temporomandibular Joint) Surgery - Post-surgery care

Post-operative recovery for joint surgery may take 5-10 days. You will be prescribed medications to reduce pain and swelling and aid in your recovery.

You will experience soreness but usually, no severe pain should be experienced. Post-operative swelling is expected and usually minor, but occasionally more pronounced swelling can occur and should resolve within 24 - 36 hours. Cold compress may be applied to the area for the first 24hours after the joint surgery.

It is uncommon, but possible, that you may experience numbness or muscle weakness in the region of the joint surgery. This is usually temporary and should resolve without treatment.

You are advised to go on a liquid-diet following your procedure. The surgeon will discuss the progress of your diet during your post-operative visits. There are jaw exercises that you may be required to perform after the surgery which are critical for the success of the treatment.

Jaw Joint (Temporomandibular Joint) Surgery - Other Information

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