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Infantile Haemangioma

Infantile Haemangioma - How to prevent?

Infantile Haemangioma - Causes and Risk Factors

Infantile Haemangioma - Treatments

Most haemangiomas do not require treatment.

Factors that may determine if a haemangioma requires treatment include the size, site (eg. eyelids, nose, lips) and potential for complications (eg. ulceration).

Treatment options for haemangiomas include:
  • Topicals (eg. timolol gel/ drops, steroid creams)
  • Injections (eg. intralesional kenacort)
  • Oral medications (eg. propranolol, oral steroids)
  • Lasers (eg. pulsed dye laser)
  • Surgery
The information above is also available for download in pdf format.

Infantile Haemangioma - Preparing for surgery

Infantile Haemangioma - Post-surgery care

Infantile Haemangioma - Other Information

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