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Hip Osteoarthritis

Hip Osteoarthritis - Symptoms

The most common symptom is pain while putting weight on the affected hip, such as during walking or even sitting for prolonged periods of time. The pain is typically felt in the groin area or buttocks, or sometimes over the front of the thigh.

You may limp, which is the body's way of reducing the amount of force that the hip has to withstand. Your hip may also feel stiff, and this will cause difficulty with certain activities such as getting into or out of a low chair or a car, or using the toilet.

You may also experience difficulties with crossing over low obstacles on the ground. Finally, as the condition becomes worse, pain may be present all the time and may even keep you awake at night.

Hip Osteoarthritis - How to prevent?

Hip Osteoarthritis - Preparing for surgery

Hip Osteoarthritis - Post-surgery care

Hip Osteoarthritis - Other Information

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