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Headache in Children

Headache in Children - Symptoms

Headache in Children - How to prevent?

The first step to preventing headaches is to know what triggers the headache. It could be stress (from school or friends), anxiety, depression, a change in routine or sleep pattern, bright light, loud noises or certain food or beverage. Sometimes, too much physical activity or too much sun exposure can trigger migraines in children.

To prevent headaches triggered by a change in lifestyle, make sure your child practise good habits such as getting enough sleep, eating healthily and exercising.

Parents should also be alert for things that may cause stress in the child’s life, such as problems with schoolwork or with peers. Removing the stress can help prevent your child from developing a headache.

It is also good to keep a food diary so that you know what kind of food or beverage trigger headaches in your child. Make sure your child avoid those foods.

Headache in Children - Diagnosis

Headache in Children - Preparing for surgery

Headache in Children - Post-surgery care

Headache in Children - Other Information

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