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Head Injury

Head Injury - How to prevent?

Head Injury - Treatments


Treatment is individualised, depending on the degree and extent of injuries. It ranges from observation for signs of worsening such as drowsiness, increasing headache or giddiness (minor head injury) to removal of the blood clot in the brain to relieve the pressure in the brain (cause by the blood clot) or insertion of a brain pressure monitor (severe head injury). Treatment for most minor head injuries includes symptom relief and adequate rest.

Outcome and Complications

This depends in the type, location and degrees of injury. People with a minor head injury may have concussion syndromes such as slight headache, giddiness, easily tired, decreased concentration etc that may persist for a while, but most recover with no permanent problems. After a severe head injury, one-third make good recovery, one-third is left with varying degrees of disability, while the rest do not survive.

Head Injury - Preparing for surgery

Head Injury - Post-surgery care

Head Injury - Other Information

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