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Risk Evaluation and Prevention (REAP) Clinic

Risk Evaluation and Prevention (REAP) Clinic - What it is

Assessing Your Risk of Gynaecological Cancer

Who May Wish To Be Evaluated?

  • Women over the age of 25 who have a mother, sister or daughter who has been diagnosed with ovarian cancer or other types of gynaecological cancer.
  • Women over the age of 25 who have more than one relative with ovarian cancer.
  • Women with a strong family history of breast or ovarian cancers.
  • Women at risk because of a known or suspected hereditary syndrome that includes risk of ovarian cancer.

Facts About Ovarian Cancer?

  • In Singapore, 880 new cases were diagnosed between 1993 and 1997.
  • There has been a steady increase over time with an almost doubling in rate over the last 20 years.
  • By the time the symptoms develop, the disease is often incurable.
  • Women who have an immediate family member with ovarian cancer have a 3 - 10% risk of developing the disease.
  • For women with 2 or more immediate family members with ovarian cancer, the risk may go as high as 50%.
  • Although currently, there is no proven method for the early detection of ovarian cancer, the tests we are using have shown the most promise.

Risk Evaluation And Prevention Clinic

We are a referral centre for women who have an increased chance of developing ovarian or other gynaecological cancer, based on family history or other risk factors. We provide genetic testing and also counsel women about their personal risk.

At your first appointment, you will see a physician trained in cancer risk assessment. Other professionals, such as nurse counsellors or social workers, are also available to consult with you and your family.Our services are part of a collaborative programme for cancer prevention and we work closely with other hospitals in Singapore.

At our clinic, we provide the following:

  • In-depth assessment of your personal health history.
  • Evaluation of family cancer history.
  • Physical examination.
  • Blood tests, as appropriate.
  • Vaginal-probe ultrasound.
  • Discussion of a regular surveillance programme tailored to you; also a personalised strategy to reduce your risk of ovarian cancer and other gynaecological cancers.

Why Screen For Cancer Risk?

Assessing your risk of gynaecological cancers can:

  • Lead to a programme of increased surveillance specifically tailored to your needs.
  • Assist in early detection.
  • Affect treatment decisions.
  • Help you explore prevention options.

Should You Be Screened?

  • Ask your doctor.
  • Or call us at tel: 6394 2160 / 3042 and ask for an appointment with our Risk Evaluation and Prevention Clinic.

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