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Gum Disease

Gum Disease: What is it, symptoms, prevention and treatment | National Dental Centre Singapore

Gum Disease - Causes and Risk Factors

Gum Disease - Diagnosis

Gum Disease - Treatments

The type of treatment and number of visits will vary depending on the extent of the disease. Regardless of the treatment, it is important that you maintain good oral hygiene. Smokers are strongly advised to quit smoking to improve treatment outcome.

Initial Periodontal Treatment

Plaque that is allowed to accumulate on the teeth over time will harden to form calculus (tartar). Calculus being rough will trap more plaque. It can only be removed by professional cleaning by a dentist or dental hygienist.

Removing the bacterial plaque and calculus is necessary to allow the gums to heal.

  • Scaling - Removing the calculus from above and below the gum line.
  • Polishing - Removing plaque and stains from the root surface.
  • Root Planing - Using special instruments to remove tough calculus and bacterial deposits along the root surfaces, usually under local anaesthesia.

As your gums heal, they normally shrink, and you may notice gaps appearing between your teeth. Your teeth may also experience increased sensitivity to cold food or drinks. If this occurs, your dentist can recommend toothpaste or gels/rinses for sensitive teeth.

Surgical Treatment

Gum Surgery

If deep periodontal (gum) pockets and gum inflammation persist following initial periodontal treatment, this could be due to calculus in difficultto- reach areas. Your periodontist may then decide to perform surgery to gain access to clean the teeth better and to further reduce the pockets. In certain conditions, your periodontist might use grafting materials to promote regeneration of destroyed bone and gum tissues.

Gum Disease - Preparing for surgery

Gum Disease - Post-surgery care

Gum Disease - Other Information

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