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EOS Imaging

EOS Imaging - What it is

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What is EOS Imaging?
EOS is an ultra-low dose x-ray system which provides upright whole spine, full-length lower limb and whole body radiography. It has two x-ray tubes providing scan beam x-ray. Both Anteroposterior (AP) or frontal view and Lateral (Lat) or side view images can be acquired in one position. Images can be acquired in less than 20 seconds.

Radiation Dose
Studies have shown that the radiation dose from EOS is 50% less than conventional digital radiography (DR) system. It has a micro dose function for subsequent follow-up, which is only 10% of the low dose imaging.

Preparation for EOS
  • Bring the x-ray request or investigation form on the day of your appointment.
  • If you are a female of child-bearing age, please ensure that you are not pregnant.
  • You need to change into our hospital gown and to remove jewellery such as necklace or earrings prior to the procedure.
  • Long hair has to be tied up to prevent artifact appearances seen on the x-ray image.

What can you expect?
  • You will need to stand straight, upright inside the EOS cubicle and keep still throughout the procedure.
  • You can breathe normally and need not have to hold your breath during the procedure.
  • Minimal noise disturbances from the EOS equipment is to be expected during the procedure.

EOS Imaging - Symptoms

EOS Imaging - How to prevent?

EOS Imaging - Causes and Risk Factors

EOS Imaging - Diagnosis

EOS Imaging - Treatments

EOS Imaging - Preparing for surgery

EOS Imaging - Post-surgery care

EOS Imaging - Other Information

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