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Double Vision (Diplopia)

Double Vision (Diplopia) - What it is

Double Vision Diplopia Condition and Treatment

Double Vision (Diplopia) is a symptom whereby a patient sees two images of one object.

It can either occur when one eye is covered (Monocular Diplopia), or only when both eyes are open (Binocular Diplopia).

  • In Monocular Diplopia, possible causes include uncorrected refractive errors, corneal disorders, cataracts and retinal disorders.
  • Binocular Diplopia arises as a result of misalignment of the eyes.

The causes of Double Vision (Diplopia) may be due to disorders affecting:

  • Nerves
  • Nerve-muscle junction
  • Muscles
  • Eye socket (orbit)

Double Vision (Diplopia) - How to prevent?

Double Vision (Diplopia) - Causes and Risk Factors

Double Vision (Diplopia) - Diagnosis

Double Vision (Diplopia) - Treatments

Double Vision (Diplopia) - Preparing for surgery

Double Vision (Diplopia) - Post-surgery care

Double Vision (Diplopia) - Other Information

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