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Diarrhoea - Symptoms

Diarrhoea - How to prevent?

​Is There Any Way To Prevent My Child From Getting Diarrhoea?

  • It is difficult to prevent your child from coming into contact with germs that cause gastroenteritis.
  • These germs are present in the community all the time.
  • However, good hygiene habits will minimise the risk of spreading the infection.
  • For newborns and infants, bottle hygiene is very important. Milk bottles need to be sterilised either by boiling or with the use of sterilising tablets.
  • For other children, handwashing before meals and good toilet habits should be taught.
  • Vaccination against rotavirus infection for young baby is available.

Diarrhoea - Causes and Risk Factors

Diarrhoea - Diagnosis

Diarrhoea - Treatments

Diarrhoea - Preparing for surgery

Diarrhoea - Post-surgery care

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