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Day Surgery

Day Surgery: What is it, preparing for surgery and post surgery care | KKH

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Day Surgery - Post-surgery care

What Activities Will My Child Be Allowed To Do After Surgery?

You will be given specific instructions depending on the type of surgery. Generally it is advisable to avoid playground activities and if surgery involves the groin, straddling toys or cycling. Supervised walking and climbing stairs are generally allowed. Showering is usually allowed except in some operations, whereby you will be given specific instructions.

What Dietary Restrictions Must We Follow After Surgery?

Unless otherwise specified, for most day surgery operations, your child can have his normal diet when he goes home.

When Can My Child Go Back To School?

You will be given a medical certificate telling you when he can go back to school.

What Should I Do If There Are Any Problems?

You will be given an appointment to see your doctor at the outpatient clinic. In the meantime, if you have concerns regarding wound care, you may contact:

  • During office hours
    Tel: +65 6394 1689 (Day Surgery Recovery)
    Tel: +65 6394 2087 (Specialist Outpatient Clinic K)
  • After office hours
    Seek treatment at the Children's Emergency

The brochure on Same Day Admission for Children can be downloaded in pdf format.

Day Surgery - Other Information

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