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Common Neonatal Rashes

Common Neonatal Rashes - How to prevent?


Frequent diaper change can reduce contact between the skin and urine or faeces.

Clean the skin in the diaper area gently and carefully. Dry by patting with a soft towel instead of rubbing the delicate skin.

Gentle cleansing with warm water and a soft cloth is usually sufficient. If soap is desired, a mild, fragrance-free soap substitute or bath oil is recommended.

If baby wipes are used, choose a brand that is alcohol and fragrance-free. Baby wipes are not recommended if the skin becomes irritated or develops open sores.

Dried faeces can be loosened with mineral oil applied to a cotton ball.

Common Neonatal Rashes - Causes and Risk Factors

Common Neonatal Rashes - Diagnosis

Common Neonatal Rashes - Preparing for surgery

Common Neonatal Rashes - Post-surgery care

Common Neonatal Rashes - Other Information

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