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Common Birthmarks

Common Birthmarks - What it is


Nevus sebaceous (NS) are relatively common congenital birthmarks. They consist of increased numbers of sebaceous (oil) glands.

Usually present at birth, NS may be first noted during early childhood.


Epidermal nevi (EN) are relatively common benign congenital birthmarks. They occur as a result of thickening of the top layer of skin (epidermis).

They are usually apparent at birth or become noticeable during early childhood.


Congenital melanocytic nevi (CMN), most commonly known as moles, are very common pigmented birthmarks made up of normal pigment cells. Although usually present at birth, they can also first appear within the first year of life.

CMN are classified according to their greatest diameter in adulthood: Small (<1.5cm), medium (1.5 to 19.9cm), or large (≥20cm).

Common Birthmarks - How to prevent?

Common Birthmarks - Causes and Risk Factors

Common Birthmarks - Diagnosis

Common Birthmarks - Preparing for surgery

Common Birthmarks - Post-surgery care

Common Birthmarks - Other Information

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