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Colic - Symptoms

Colic - Diagnosis

Colic - Treatments

​What Can Be Done About Colic?

Consultation with a doctor
A thorough examination is necessary to exclude a medical cause for the excessive crying. Such medical causes are rare and are usually associated with poor feeding, vomiting, diarrhoea or constipation.

Parents should not be unduly worried about the physical examination as it is a normal procedure. With the examination, they will be reassured that no other problem is present.

Techniques to reduce crying

  • Soothing the child with a pacifier, playing repetitive sounds like lullabies or soothing music, or placing a warm heating pad on the infant's tummy.
  • Most babies respond to rhythmic rocking or pats on the back.
  • Some like to be placed on their front.
  • Some babies settle with a car ride.
  • A quiet environment with minimal unnecessary handling and correction of faulty feeding techniques are helpful. The changing of milk formula is usually not necessary.

Applying medication for the relief of colic may not necessarily work all the time. Colic drops, which help in reducing the amount of wind, may help some infants.

Colic - Preparing for surgery

Colic - Post-surgery care

Colic - Other Information

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