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Colic - What it is

Colic - What It Is And How It Can Be Managed

Colic refers to a state of excessive crying in young infants (less than 4 months old) who are otherwise well. That is, no other medical cause can be found to account for the baby's crying. This condition has also been labelled as "evening colic", "three-month colic", or "infantile colic".

How Is Colic Different From Normal Crying?

All young infants cry to some degree. Normal infants vary in how much they cry, how intense the crying is, how sensitive they are to stimuli and their reaction to being soothed. However, infants with colic typically exhibit periodic crying spells occurring usually in the evenings, which last for up to 2 - 3 hours. This usually begins soon after the baby comes home from the hospital, and may persist till the baby is 3 or 4 months of age.

Infants with colic usually exhibit one or more of the following signs :

  • The crying may be intense and may last up to several hours at a time
  • Crying usually occurs in the late afternoons and evenings
  • The infant may appear hungry but is not quietened by feeding or attempts at soothing
  • Some infants may draw up their knees against their abdomens and may expel much gas
  • The infant is well at other times, feeds well and grows normally

Colic - Symptoms

Colic - Diagnosis

Colic - Preparing for surgery

Colic - Post-surgery care

Colic - Other Information

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