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Cervical Cancer Surgery

Cervical Cancer Surgery - What it is


Where Is The Cervix?

The cervix is the neck of the womb (uterus) that connects the body of the womb to the birth canal (vagina).

Cervical cancer - cross section - KKH

How Does Cervical Cancer Develop?

Most cervical cancers arises in the little cells in the inner lining of the cervix. Cervical cancers take many years to develop. Over a period of time, the cells lining in the cervix may slowly develop pre-cancerous changes and eventually turn into cancer cells if left untreated. The most commonly used term by doctors to describe these pre-cancerous cells is “Cervical Intra-epithelial Neoplasia (CIN)”.

Cervical cancer - pre cancerous cells - KKH

Cervical Cancer Surgery - How to prevent?

Cervical Cancer Surgery - Preparing for surgery

Cervical Cancer Surgery - Other Information

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