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Buckle Up Safely

Buckle Up Safely - What it is

Guidelines for Parents and Caregivers on Buckle Up Safely

Making sure your child is in the appropriate car seat or booster seat can save his or her life.

Buckle Up Safely - Car Seat - KKH 

Be Safe!

In the presence of an active air bag, never place a rear-facing car seat in the front seat of a car. In fact, children 12 years old and younger should not sit in the front seat.

*Recommended age ranges for each seat type vary to account for differences in child growth and height/weight limits of car seats and booster seats. Use the car seat or booster seat owner's manual to check installation and the seat height/weight limits, and proper seat use.

The information on Buckle Up Safely available for download as an infographic in jpg format.

Buckle Up Safely - Symptoms

Buckle Up Safely - How to prevent?

Buckle Up Safely - Causes and Risk Factors

Buckle Up Safely - Diagnosis

Buckle Up Safely - Treatments

Buckle Up Safely - Preparing for surgery

Buckle Up Safely - Post-surgery care

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