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Breast Ultrasound

Breast Ultrasound - What it is

What is Ultrasound?

Medical ultrasound for diagnostic imaging employs sound waves in the range of 3-17 MHz. The ultrasound probe emits sound waves and receives echoes. When placed on the body, the echoes from the area are depicted on the ultrasound monitor. This enables us to see and examine the organs.

Research has shown that there are no harmful effects associated with the medical use of ultrasound ( 3-17 MHz).

Why is Ultrasound used?

In KK Breast Centre, this is used to scan breasts and axillas.

Breast Ultrasound Examination

Breast ultrasound is able to identify cysts, solid mass, abscesses, lymph nodes and it is usually used in conjunction with a mammogram. The radiologist will decide whether breast ultrasound is necessary after reviewing your mammogram.

However, breast ultrasound may be a first choice, prior to mammogram, for those patients who are less than 40 years old and have complaints about palpable mass, painful breast, lumpy breast or for those patients who are pregnant or lactating.

What to expect during the Breast Ultrasound Examination?

You will be required to remove your blouse and bra and to lie on the couch. A towel will be provided for cover. The scan is performed by a specially trained health care professional called a sonographer or by a doctor. Warm gel will be applied over your breast or axilla. An ultrasound probe will be moved over the area of interest.

Examination time may vary depending on the findings.

Will I need to be admitted?

The examination does not usually require hospital admission. It can be performed on an outpatient basis.

If you are admitted to the Hospital on the appointment day for other reasons, please inform the ward staff to contact the KK Breast Centre.

Preparation for Breast Ultrasound

There is no preparation required. If you have any prior ultrasound or mammogram done, please bring along the films and results with you.

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