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Bedwetting - Symptoms

Bedwetting - How to prevent?

Bedwetting - Causes and Risk Factors

The exact cause of bedwetting is not known, but some known contributing factors are :

  • Heredity – Bedwetting often runs in a family.
  • Deep sleep – Inability to wake up in the night to pass urine, as some children are very “deep sleepers”.
  • Delayed development – Some children are developmentally slower to attain dryness at night but eventually will outgrow the problem.
  • Problem of hormone regulation – Children who wet the bed may have a lower level of a hormone called the antidiuretic hormone, which suppresses urine production during sleep. This means that they may produce more than the normal amount of urine during sleep and that predisposes them to bedwetting.

Bedwetting - Diagnosis

Bedwetting - Preparing for surgery

Bedwetting - Post-surgery care

Bedwetting - Other Information

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