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Acute Ankle Sprain

Acute Ankle Sprain - Symptoms

Acute Ankle Sprain - How to prevent?

Acute Ankle Sprain - Causes and Risk Factors

Acute Ankle Sprain - Diagnosis

A sports medicine physician can assess the injury to establish an accurate diagnosis. Pain medications can be prescribed to help with pain and swelling.

They can also help reduce swelling by compression, massages, or taping techniques. They may also prescribe a full ankle rehabilitation programme to strengthen the joint and help prevent future ankle sprains by improving balance and proprioception.

  • Single leg mini squat
  • Bulgarian squat
  • Star excursion
  • Running man on trampoline
  • Lateral box jump
  • Step ups
  • Forward lunges
  • Single leg ½ squats
  • gle leg chair stands

Acute Ankle Sprain - Preparing for surgery

Acute Ankle Sprain - Post-surgery care

Acute Ankle Sprain - Other Information

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