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Thyroidectomy - What it is

thyroidectomyThyroid surgery that removes one or both of your thyroid lobes is called a Thyroidectomy
Removal of part of the thyroid can be classified as :
1. A hemithyroidectomy or thyroid lobectomy- where on lobe (one half) of the thyroid is removed.
2. An isthmusectomy- removal of just the bridge of thyroid tissue between the two lobes; used specifically for small tumours that are located in the isthmus
3. A total or near-total thyroidectomy- where most of the thyroid tissue is removed.
The extent of your thyroid surgery will be determined by the reason for your surgery and this should be discussed between you and your surgeon.

Why do I need to undergo thyroid surgery?

Your doctor may recommend you undergo thyroid surgery for any of these reasons:
1. You have a nodule in your thyroid that might be thyroid cancer.
2. You have a confirmed diagnosis of thyroid cancer
3. You have a nodule or thyroid swelling that is causing symptoms- e.g. compression of your trachea, difficulty swallowing or an unsightly mass
4. You have a nodule or thyroid swelling that is causing symptoms due to the production and release of excess thyroid hormone- either a toxic nodule, toxic multinodular goitre or Grave’s disease.

Thyroidectomy - Symptoms

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Thyroidectomy - Other Information

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