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Neonatal Septicaemia

Neonatal Septicaemia - How to prevent?

​Risk factors for neonatal sepsis include prematurity, prolonged rupture of a mother’s water bag beyond 18 hours, maternal infection such as chorioamnionitis and maternal carriage of group B streptococcus within the birth canal. Methods of decreasing risk of neonatal sepsis include administration of antibiotics to mothers with the above-mentioned risk factors or facilitating delivery of a baby if a pregnant mother has chorioamnionitis. It is also very important to maintain safe practices such as hand washing before touching baby, ensure a clean environment around the baby and take precautionary measures such as restricting visiting access if someone is not well and wishes to see the baby. 

Neonatal Septicaemia - Causes and Risk Factors

Neonatal Septicaemia - Preparing for surgery

Neonatal Septicaemia - Post-surgery care

Neonatal Septicaemia - Other Information

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