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Mosquito borne infections

Mosquito borne infections - What it is

Besides causing red and itchy bites, mosquitoes can spread many human diseases including: 
* Dengue virus: Occur in Asia (including Singapore), Central and South America, the Caribbean, Western Pacific Islands, Australia, and Africa. It can also cause serious outbreaks ( 
* Chikungunya virus: occurs in Asia (including Singapore), Central and South America, the Caribbean, Western and South Pacific, and Africa ( 
* Zika virus: occurs in Asia (including Singapore), North, South and Central America, the Caribbean, Pacific Islands, and Africa ( 
* Yellow fever virus: Occurs in South America, Central America and Africa ( 
* West Nile virus: Occurs in Africa, Europe, the Middle East, west and central Asia or North America ( 
* Malaria: Occurs in Asia, Africa, Central and South America, parts of the Caribbean, Eastern Europe, and the South Pacific. Malaria can be particularly severe in people without prior exposure to the disease ( 
* Japanese encephalitis: Occurs in Asia and parts of the western Pacific (  

Mosquito borne infections - Causes and Risk Factors

Mosquito borne infections - Preparing for surgery

Mosquito borne infections - Post-surgery care

Mosquito borne infections - Other Information

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