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HIV and AIDS - Treatments

Although there is still no cure for HIV, a combination of oral medications, also known as highly active anti-retroviral therapy (HAART), is available to control the infection. There has been an expansion of HIV medications over the last 20 years. Current available treatment is relatively tolerable, effective and allows individuals with HIV to live their lives as normally as possible. 

The use of HAART reduces and eventually suppresses HIV replication with some recovery of the immune system. When HAART is discontinued, HIV viral load rebounds and immune function is depressed. Lifelong ART is currently recommended for HIV suppression.

Selection of ART is often individualized and should be discussed with the infectious diseases specialist. Once started on ART, it is very important that one remains compliant and takes ALL of the prescribed medications in a timely manner. Stopping ART altogether results in HIV replication and depression of immune function as discussed above. Occasional missed doses of ART or taking half doses of ART promotes the development of treatment resistant HIV which is not ideal.

HIV and AIDS - Preparing for surgery

HIV and AIDS - Post-surgery care

HIV and AIDS - Other Information

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