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Give a gift of hope for transplant patients​

With an ageing population and increased prevalence of chronic diseases, more people are affected by end-stage organ failure and are waiting for a life-saving organ transplant. Every year, there are about 500 patients on the organ transplant waiting list. There are currently nine different transplant programmes under SingHealth Transplant, including skin, heart, lung, kidney, liver, stem cell and cornea.

For many patients, undergoing a transplant can be a journey that spans many years. During the long wait for a suitable organ, patients sometimes require care interventions that provide a bridge to transplantation such as a heart assist device. Before undergoing a transplant, some patients also have to undergo nutrition therapy such as consuming oral nutritional supplements to ensure the best clinical outcomes. Due to health reasons, some transplant patients are also unable to work and need to rely on financial assistance.

Organ transplants transform patients’ lives, restoring their health so they can fulfil their goals of studying, working or looking after their families again. However, even after being given a new lease of life, patients often require long-term care and medication to prevent organ rejection. The financial burden on transplant patients during this journey can sometimes be overwhelming.  

TRUEfund stands for: Transplant Research, Unique care and Education. It was set up in 2010 to support:
  • transplant patients who are facing financial difficulties
  • transplantation research
  • public education campaigns for organ/tissue donation and transplantation

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