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SingHealth staff do good together

April was a hive of giving activity for staff across the SingHealth cluster thanks to the month-long ‘Do Good Together’ campaign. A friendly challenge that encouraged SingHealth staff not only to themselves donate, but to get fellow colleagues onboard the staff giving programme in support of SingHealth philanthropic causes.

The top staff donor driver who got the most number of colleagues to give would win a massage chair fully sponsored by OSIM. Many SingHealth staff took this opportunity to entice their colleagues to participate in this challenge with fun and creative methods.

In Singapore General Hospital, the Development Office (DVO) increased their engagement sessions and talks with other departments and divisions under six of their Academic Clinical Programmes (Anaesthesiology & Perioperative Sciences, Medicine, Musculoskeletal Sciences, Pathology, Radiological Sciences, and Surgery). National Cancer Centre Singapore’s DVO partnered a hairdresser to sponsor haircuts to staff with the top five number of staff donor referrals.   

At National Heart Centre Singapore (NHCS), DVO staff reached out to various departments and HODs to publicise this campaign . And when Amber Yeong, Chief Operating Officer, NHCS, found out about the ‘Do Good Together’ challenge, she had an idea.

“When I heard about the challenge and that the prize is a massage chair, I was very excited! We currently have one in our staff lounge that is old and torn, so winning this new chair would come in handy as a replacement and something for all our colleagues to enjoy.” Amber worked with their development team to share her idea to garner support and encourage staff to give. “I wanted to win it for our staff because they truly deserve it!”

At the end of the campaign, Amber garnered 46 other staff members to become staff donors, and became the top staff donor champion. Amber herself has been giving to the NHCS Heart To Heart Fund since 2017.  She shares, “I have a soft spot for our needy heart patients. I think it is hard enough to have to suffer from heart disease, and it would be another layer of stress for the patients if they face financial difficulty in having to foot their medical bills.”

“No amount is too small when we give together, and I am glad that I can not only help patients with my gift, but also improve staff welfare by donating the massage chair for our staff to use.” Amber continued, “I think working in healthcare has given me a heart of gratitude, and giving makes me feel happy.”