Operations Staff Development

Medical or Non-Medical That is the Question

Speaker: Ms Rachel Bailey​ 
Date: ​3 November 201​7 (Fri)  | Time: 1320 - 1450 | LocationAcademia, Level 2, L2-T2​
Workshop Level: Novice to Advanced​

"Are their backgrounds really important?; What are the obstacles faced when recruiting?" The speaker will share information on the recruiting process for an education specialist and a simulation technician. Participants will also learn about the recruiting obstacles and how they can identify an applicant, regardless of their background.
Learning Objectives:
  1. Describe the process of hiring an education specialist and how that same process is used when recruiting and hiring a simulation technician.
  2. Identify the recruiting obstacles for a simulation technician role and how to overcome those obstacles.
  3. Demonstrate an ability to pinpoint an applicant’s process improvement potential in a medical environment, regardless of their background.​

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