Assessment Using Simulation

Measuring Non-technical Skills with the Scottish Non-technical Skills Framework

Speakers: Dr Peter Dieckmann and Dr Stefan Gisin
Date: 2​ November 201​7 (Thu)  | Time: 1600 - 1730
LocationAcademia, Level 2, L2-S3 & L2-S​4
Workshop Level: Intermedia​​te​ to Advanced

Non-technical skills (NTS) are important in many contexts and are relevant for patient safety. Measuring the individual’s NTS can be valuable in a learning context to provide goal-oriented feedback. The Scottish NTS rating systems (ANTS; NOTSS, SPLINTS) are taxonomies that can also be used to assess NTS. They all comprise categories (e.g. Situation Awareness, Decision-making, Task Management, or Teamwork). Each category has several elements. Each element is described with positive and negative behavioural markers. 

In this workshop,​ participants will apply ANTS to rate the performance of healthcare professionals in the videos. They will discuss their ratings with each other and in this way improve their reflection about how to measure NTS.
Learning Objectives: 
  1. Describe the Scottish NTS rating framework.
  2. Discuss challenges in rating NTS in simulation scenarios.​

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