Administration and Centre Management

How to Innovate in your Simulation Centre

Speaker: Ms Kirrian Steer
Date: 2​ November 201​7 (Thu)  | Time: 1000 - 1130  | Location: Academia, Level 2, PSL 2
Workshop Level: Intermedia​​te​ to Advanced

Innovation is a buzzword that can be found in most strategic plans. But are you really innovating, or are you just keeping up? Small groups will use creativity tools and strategies to brainstorm innovations for their simulation centres.
Learning Objectives:
  1. Use the SCAMPER tool to identify creative ways to increase the use of an under-utilised item or space within the simulation centre.
  2. Use brainstorming techniques to generate ideas for innovation.
  3. Formulate a 2-minute proposal for your innovation.​
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