Assessment Using Simulation

Evaluating Simulation Initiatives – the Narnia Wardrobe

Speakers: Mrs Sigrun Anna Qvindesland and Dr Ralf Krage
Date: 2 November 201​7 (Thu)  | Time: 1000 - 1130
LocationAcademia, Level 1, L1-S1
Workshop Level: Intermedia​​te​ to Advanced

We need to focus our efforts on gathering meaningful feedback and results from simulation sessions that will benefit our patients, colleagues, and organisations. How can we approach this need to put results back into the workplace to increase return of effort from simulation initiatives?
Learning Objectives: 
  1. Gain better understanding of Kirkpatrick’s model for evaluating training programmes and how this may apply to simulation activities in healthcare.
  2. Discuss actual methods to evaluate simulation training and exchange ideas and experiences for bringing results back into the workplace.​

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