Faculty Development & Debriefing

Designing and Implementing Scenarios and Debriefings based on the Learning From Success Approach

Speaker: Dr Peter Dieckmann and Dr Hairil Rizal Adullah
Date: 2​ November 201​7 (Thu)  | Time: 1000 - 1130 | Location: Academia, Level 1, L1-S3
Workshop Level: Intermedia​​te​ to Advanced

The Learning from Success Approach to simulation sets the focus on everyday, mundane scenarios that are common for the practice of participants. The debriefing of such scenarios sets focus on analysing the variability given in a scenario: where does it come from, what effect does it have, what are its potentials, and how can it be integrated into clinical performance? Participants will discuss possibilities of this approach for their own simulation practice and try out interaction possibilities during debriefings. 
Learning Objectives:          
  1. 1. Describe the characteristics of the Learning from Success Approach to simulation.
    2. Describe three strategies to design Learning from Success Approach scenarios.
    3. Use at least two strategies to support Learning from Success Approach debriefings.

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