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Building an Ultra High Fidelity PICU Simulation for Orienting Nurses

Speaker: Mr Todd Dadaleares​ 
Date: 3​ November 201​7 (Fri)  | Time: 1000 - 1130 | LocationAcademia, Level 2, PSL 2
Workshop Level: Intermedia​​te​

This presentation will detail the process for building a two-stage simulation event that was created to enhance learners orientation to paediatric post open heart patients. Because these simulations are for new nurses to go through the process of admitting a post open heart paediatric patient to the unit, the details infused into the cases are extremely important and the reality factor is very high.

Some of the realistic factors include:
  1. ​Using three different types of smart pumps that are all programmed and running simulated drugs with appropriate dosings; 
  2. Bloodwork that is labeled exactly as it is at Maine Medical Center; and 
  3. Presentation of the child with how much equipment is present on bed when they present at MMC PICU.
Todd will also cover the creative workarounds and enhancements used to make the baby bleed on cue from his mediastinal chest tubes, divert infusions to appear as if they are going into different access sites, make it seem as if baby is being paced by real pacemaker, appear as if baby is presenting a dynamic Central Venous Pressure number, and more!

Learning Objectives: 
  1. Gain inspiration from the creativity and complexity of the setup and preparation to further their own simulations.
  2. See what it takes to make a dynamic bleeding chest tube system for a post open heart newborn patient.
  3. Advance their knowledge of the layers of production and rehearsed coordination needed for a case of this magnitude.
  4. See in detail the signal flow paths of all the main fluids, drugs, propped lines, pacing wires, ecg leads and ventilator setting workarounds.

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