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Ms FOO Sue Zhi, Robyn

Principal Speech Therapist, Department of Speech Therapy,
Singapore General Hospital, Singapore

Ms Robyn Foo is a Principal Speech Therapist at the Singapore General Hospital (SGH). Her clinical interest is in paediatric feeding. She and her team of Speech Therapists support the Neonatology team, by providing neonatal  and paediatric feeding management. Ms Foo oversees the clinical education of students and staff in the Speech Therapy Department at SGH and is actively involved in curriculum and faculty development. 

She has dabbled in some interprofessional teaching and is enjoying interprofessional learning as a student of the Masters of Health Professions Education Class of 2017.

Speaker's Session:

Date: 3​ November 201​7 (Fri)  | Time: 1320 - 1450 LocationAcademia, Level 1, L1-S1

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